The pianoduo Friederike Haufe und Volker Ahmels

... met in their teenage years during piano lessons with Bernhard Wambach. As one of the leading interpreters of contemporary music, Wambach was able to awaken a deep and lasting interest for 20th century music in the two pianists.

In 1997, they formed a duo. Soon, they also included works for two pianos in their repertoire. However, their very particular interest was in four-hand piano literature.

As they have a strong preference for setting up unusual and special programmes – always focussing on a particular musical theme or a politically relevant topic – they never cease their investigations looking for extraordinary compositions.

So far, their concert tours have taken them to Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Areas, to Poland, France, Austria, Denmark, Spain, and the Czech Republic and to the USA.

The two artists were also inspired to work with the largely unknown subject of ostracized music by their encounter with Edith Kraus, pianist and Artur Schnabel’s masterclass student. Therefore global investigations and »rediscovering« composers who were prevented from practising their art, driven into exile or deported to extermination camps and killed there by the Nazi regime are a major focus of their lives as artists. In 2011, Gramola will release their new CD, including works by Milhaud and Toch.